Farming unearthed… and transformed

I’m thrilled to say that, although I haven’t been able to write much of this blog over the past few months (or even years), I have managed to write a book which has lately been published by the excellent folk at Oxbow Books, in their Windgather Press imprint:

Farming Transformed front cover

My new book, featuring some lovely Hampshire farmland on the front cover

It’s called Farming Transformed in Anglo-Saxon England: Agriculture in the Long Eighth Century, and it covers material and themes that will be familiar to any regular readers of this blog: field systems, charred crop remains, the bones of livestock, and archaeological remains of farms, grain ovens and watermills.

With these things in mind, it tells the story of how Anglo-Saxon farming practices changed to become radically more productive from the 7th and (especially) 8th centuries onwards – that is, around the age of Bede – in the Thames valley, East Anglia, and beyond. How did this happen, where, when and why? Dig a little deeper into this fascinating story with Farming Transformed, now available for your perusal in paperback and e-book editions.


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