Autumn Conference Watch

Well, it’s supposedly spring, but as British readers will know, the weather has been distinctly autumnal of late. Not exactly cheering, but it has made me think ahead to the real autumn, when archaeologists venture out of their burrows to forage among the late-fruiting conferences for enough information to keep them thoughtful over the winter. And here’s one that may be of particular interest to Farming Unearthed readers:

“Life in the past: archaeology and rural skills” – Saturday12th October 2013

As “Ploughing Ahead” has demonstrated, there is a lot to be gained by bringing theoretical experts and experienced practitioners together to discuss traditional skills and practices. This conference, organized and hosted by the ACE Archaeology Club of Devon, intends to do just that, in order to shed more light on rural activities which are often obscure to the archaeologist and historian, but which may be alive and well in rural communities around the world. This looks like “one to watch” – and not just because the webpage features illustrations of ploughing. I look forward to seeing what’s on the programme in due course!



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